The company was founded by my father in our home town Ebermannstadt. It was called “Technical office Ott”.

Back in 1992 the focus was to develop and produce control systems.


I joined the company and we moved to a close facility we rented.


The company’s name was changed to “Amtek GmbH & Co. KG”.


The company moved from Ebermannstadt to Forchheim.

With this we increased our production area and invested in a milling and a turning machine.

This was the start of manufacturing complete industrial special machines.

The first testing facilites for hygiene products and ultrasound-welding machines were built.

Our portfolio was extended with another pillar.

altes Bürogebäude


With the insolvency of a customer who was specialised in manufacturing industrial specialised machines we ware able to take over a part of their staff and customers.

Thanks to our good relations we were also able to place some employees to other companies.


The move to Pilatusring 1 in Forchheim-Hausen enabled us to have a bigger production area. This is giving us more flexibility.